QA Dental Engineers are able to offer a wide range of services to assist with the smooth running of your Practice. We are happy to do just a little or as much as possible.

Business Cost Reduction

Are you experiencing increases in your essential business “utility” costs in your practice?
Do you have the time or knowledge to shop around?
How do you know if you have got the best price/value?

We have utilised the services offered by Mark Brown of Business Savings Experts in our business and also referred him to a number of our clients – they are independent procurement consultants.

Business Savings Experts offer a no cost review of your contractual obligations and spend across areas such as energy, telecoms, IT, insurance, office consumables and workwear and find savings averaging 23% for 9 out of 10 clients.

The great news is that you keep 100% of the savings identified as the supplier pays Business Savings Experts for the work they do on your behalf.

It’s really simple to do … all that is required from you are copies of your recent bills and Mark and his colleagues will audit them and come up with a plan as to how and when they can help. They then offer ongoing support, management and act as a prompt to support upcoming renewal dates preventing you moving on to more expensive out of contract rates.

Mark will be happy to visit your practice to see how he can help and can be contacted on 07703 608146 or by email mark.brown@businesssavingsexperts.co.uk

You may want to look at their website www.businesssavingsexperts.co.uk

HR & H&S Services

QA Dental Engineers have engaged a HR & Health and Safety Consultancy firm to look after our HR & HS requirements; knowing that we are fully covered in all matters relating to this is a big relief!

The service we have procured also includes an indemnity element which will cover 100% costs (including fines, if any) and has an employee helpline.

Why don’t you come along to one of Peninsula’s free seminars to see for yourself the benefits this can bring?


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