We offer a range of dental equipment inspections including compressor and autoclave Pressure System Inspections, intra-oral and OPG x-ray inspections and portable appliance testing.

Inspections are carried out to a high standard by our team of comprehensively trained and audited engineers. We aim to provide our clients with an inspection service in which they can have full confidence by ensuring our engineers receive thorough initial and ongoing training in the use of up-to-date techniques and equipment. This is supported by a rigorous regime of quality control and a constant commitment to customer service.

Pressure Systems Inspections (PSI)

We carry out Pressure System Inspections (PSI) on compressors and steam autoclaves.

Each of our engineers has undergone specialist training; we don’t do a 10 minute ‘tap, feather the safety valve, look and go’ test. The training our inspectors have undertaken lasts a week, and is followed by one to two days focusing on the steam vessel side. All of our engineers are annually audited by our Consulting Engineers to keep us on our toes.

We take a minimum of 45 minutes and up to 75 minutes to carry out our high standard PSI test on compressors and autoclaves, so please allow us time to carry out this work. We remove the two important safety devices (the pressure relief valve and the pressure gauge) to test and certify them via our calibrated pressure gauge, and use our £1000 ultrasonic thickness gauge to map the integrity of the pressure vessel. We endeavour to look inside the vessel every year as this helps keep the access point free. Following the completion of the PSI, the engineers’ written documentation will generate a report and certification of your pressure vessel, and these will be supplied to you for your records.

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Written Scheme of Examination (WSofE)

It is a legal requirement to have a Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) for each of your Pressure Systems; the inability or failure to provide a WSE could result in the closure of a practice in extreme cases.

Both autoclaves and compressed air systems require a WSE. Autoclaves operate as independent systems and therefore the necessary documentation is straightforward. WSE’s for compressors can be more complex as compressed air systems may comprise of multiple locations on one site – good facilities are required to allow these compressors to work either simultaneously or independently if necessary, while other parts of the system are out of order. If your practice has more than one pressure system each will require its own WSE; we can help identify your individual requirements and advise you accordingly. Please call us for further information on this.

Our WSE’s are written and individually endorsed by our “Competent Person” Consultant Engineer, thus giving you the peace of mind that your WSE is individual to your machines and your practice. We would encourage you to ask your current provider who their competent person is and proof of it.

Please note this extraction from the PSSR 2000 SI128 Regs:

Written scheme of examination
– (1) The user of an installed system and owner of a mobile system shall not operate the system or allow it to be operated unless he has a written scheme for the periodic examination, by a competent person……

We now sell new and used compressors and autoclaves with a WSE which will include the inspection.

Pressure Vessel Insurance

QA Dental Engineers, in conjunction with Premiercare Insurance, offers an individual insurance policy to cover onsite compressors and autoclaves. This may be covered in your existing Practice policy but may be costing you more without knowing it.  It may also involve the policy provider carrying out an inspection themselves.  When this happens, generally, they require another engineer [sometimes us] to attend site to remove covers, open vessels and remove safety items, hence you may be paying twice for a job QA Dental Engineers do themselves [this additional cost of the 2nd engineer may even be more than if we carried out the service ourselves].

We would encourage you to review your policy; break down the costs and then look at the savings you could make by using QA Dental Engineers to do all this work and then provide you with a separate policy.

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X-Ray Inspections (PHE)

Each of our Engineers has completed the PHE three day Engineers’ Inspection Course and, as part of our regime of ongoing training and quality control, completes the 5 yearly PHE refresher course.

This ensures our competence to carry out PHE critical examinations after installation of OPG and intra-oral x-ray equipment, and also all routine examinations. We offer annual testing of all your x-ray equipment and in addition we have the facility and experience to service the majority of intra-oral x-ray units.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing)

PAT Testing – love it or hate it, you cannot ignore it!

The Health and Safety Executive states that as specified in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other associated workplace legislation there is a requirement on the part of an employer to inspect, test and maintain in good and safe condition all types of electrical equipment in the workplace. The taking of reasonably practicable steps through Portable Appliance Testing to ensure that no danger results from the use of electrical equipment should therefore form an important part of any Health and Safety Policy although PAT Testing is not compulsory.

For further info from the HSE please click on the link below

Practice Periodic Electrical Testing

All non-domestic electrical installations (dental practices included) should be subject to a regular programme of testing and inspection to comply with current legislation. You must ensure that all necessary precautions are being taken to reduce the risk of injury or death through electrical failure.

Our specialist Electricians are qualified to City & Guilds 1 & 2, City & Guilds 2377, 2391 inspection & testing standard and are 17th Edition upgraded.
There are many good reasons for adopting periodic testing. You may need to inspect and test to comply with the IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition. Or if you have recently acquired ownership or tenancy of the Dental Practice/workplace premises you may wish to ensure the installation is safe.
Please call for further details or advice.

Medical Couches

We offer annual or bi-annual service plans for medical couches; both HTM 01-05 and the CQC make a reference to maintenance so it is important to ensure that medical couches are not overlooked. Our inspections are thorough and include a LOLER test. Further information can be found on the following link:

Our experienced engineers will identify any issues with the couches and our helpful office team will follow up the service with a quote for any work that may have been identified.