Question: How much revenue would be lost per day from a surgery fault? And from your Practice, if all your surgeries were to stop?

We offer one-off servicing or complete annual service plans for autoclaves, suction systems, surgeries, x-rays and compressors. The regular maintenance of complex and expensive equipment will facilitate its efficient running and help prevent expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.  Both the HTM 01-05 and the CQC make a reference to maintenance as do the X-Ray and Pressure System Regulations

So, why should you carry out routine maintenance other than you are compelled to do? We always use the car analogy: would you invest £10-15K+ in your car and not have it serviced as per the manufacturers recommendations? So why wouldn’t you invest in your surgery equipment, which are the tools of your trade, and invest in an annual service package? The CQC Outcome 11 draws your attention to this and we have attached a copy for your records. For further information please click on the following link for advice from the CQC: Reg 15 Premises & Equipment

Many manufacturers are now also on board with the importance of servicing and offering technical training to engineers and only supporting recognised trained engineers with technical and spares support. Our engineers are all manufacturer trained and approved engineers including Adec and Belmont.

Please feel free to contact us – we will be pleased to discuss your equipment servicing needs with you.



Surgery servicing includes the dental chair, floor box, main light, delivery unit and spittoon. Please see an example of one of our surgery services in the pdf below.

You can spend anything up to £45,000 fitting out an individual surgery. However, we find that quite often no thought is given to servicing the equipment once it’s fitted, and in some cases equipment goes for years without any attention. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t be likely to spend that sort of money on a car and drive it for 8 to 10 years without regular servicing – especially if it was your source of income.

We believe that equipment should be serviced regularly, usually every 12 to 18 months depending on the manufacturers’ recommendations. In the early years this may seem a pointless expense, however, in later years it can work out at a saving of £1000’s of pounds as failures later in the life of equipment tend to be larger and parts on whole need replacing instead of the smaller components that could have been replaced earlier on. Servicing is a preventative measure which can also save unnecessary surgery downtime which could otherwise mean lost income of a surgery of £1000’s.

There are a huge number of Dental Surgery Equipment manufacturers currently available in the UK.
We service the following equipment:

  • Belmont
  • Adec
  • DCI
  • Dentalez
  • Forest
  • Tridac





Autoclaves are an important part of the dental practice being key in sterilising instruments. However, they are also a potential accident waiting to happen; annual and inspections are required and regular servicing is highly recommended to keep this piece of equipment in tip-top condition!

As you’ll already be aware, autoclaves require testing annually under the PSSR 2000:128 Reg: 9 Examination in accordance with the written Scheme and this should be carried out by a competent person/company. Under Reg: 12 Maintenance & Reg: 14 Keeping of Records you also have a responsibility to keep the equipment in good order with records available.

With the N type: Eschmann LS1, LS2 ,LS3 & SES2000, Burtons Instaclave & Excel range we offer a bespoke service from breakdowns to 3 & 4 services a year. Please call us for more information on the service packages we offer.



Under IR(ME)R 2000 the owners of dental X-Ray equipment should have this equipment serviced, usually to the manufacturers’ specification. This must be carried out by suitably trained engineers.

We are happy to work on the majority of intra-oral equipment but feel OPGs and OPGs with Ceph units should be serviced by specialist engineers. As such, we employ a specialist company to perform servicing on these items on our behalf; we will manage this for you.



Just think how many times you have pulled the X-ray arm away from the wall! Are you confident it is still securely fixed?

Guide Notes 34 off the IRR 1999 Maintenance of Equipment states that equipment should be under some form of maintenance/service contract.

We can carry out this work on your behalf. Simple I/O equipment servicing starts at £49 if on site (excludes travel time)




OPGs and cephs are best serviced by specialist engineers/companies trained in this field and, as such, we do not carry out this work ourselves but we employ a specialist company to perform the servicing on our behalf and we will manage this for you.

Suction Pumps

Regular servicing will extend the life of your suction units and can help prevent serious faults developing which may be costly. We carry out comprehensive suction servicing on a wide variety of makes.

We are proud to be one of the first dental engineering companies offering regular suction pump servicing having identified and developed the Durr VSA300S service kit from Durr technical drawings.

We were once advised a pump could not be stripped down too far, so at the first opportunity, we stripped down the pump and now regularly strip pumps down to their basics to replace bearings, fans, the separators and motors using genuine service kits and parts. Our view is – if it was put together we should be able to maintain it!




Have you ever experienced a compressor breakdown? The whole practice soon comes to a stop. Very few practices have a standby and very few engineers carry a spare compressor (we have a couple of loan compressors we can usually get out to you within a few hours).

This is why it is so important to consider planned maintenance and not re-active maintenance. Replacing equipment regularly with modern up to date latest models is a must. Are you still using an industrial grade oil lubricated 20 year old compressor you first bought? Or are you moving toward best practice as recommended in HTM 01-05/02-01 [the old 2022] – this is only a guideline at present and not a requirement.

Are you aware that to get the best out of your handpieces, your latest bonding materials and to keep infection to a minimum, the air you use should be of a certain standard? To achieve this the best method is to locate your compressor in a suitable environment, invest in an oil free compressor with an air drying system and ideally have bacteria filters incorporated in the system.

In the near future, air quality testing may become more common as in the NHS Medical Gases recommendations. This will require sample points being fitted to each chair/delivery floor box point and at the compressor as well. Air quality can be tested annually at these points by a suitably qualified persons and at present these tests are carried out by the Pharmacy Departments [QC/MGPS].

We carry out manufacturers’ training and encourage our clients to have their compressors serviced during the annual Pressure System Inspection. We can supply a loan unit to allow minimal downtime during this work or how about having an extended lunch yourselves and having that long overdue staff meeting?

Our thorough service can take up to and over an hour depending on the level of service required, the location of the compressor, and the general overall condition of the compressor – a good job should never be rushed!




Equipment Audit Tools

We have produced some audit tools to assist you in establishing the age and condition of your Practice’s equipment.

Please feel free to download the audit pages and use them to review your equipment. In line with the HTM 01-05 and the CQC recommendations you are required to put in place a timescale for repair, service and replacement.

QA Dental would appreciate the opportunity to help you meet the HTM & CQC requirements with this, either through servicing your existing equipment or through replacing your capital equipment. Please call us for a quote.